Themes and Tools: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Ecommerce store

When you think of starting your eCommerce store, you always wish to build it on top enterprise E-commerce platforms. There are multiple options out there. Some of the best Enterprise e-commerce software are Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento.

When you conduct an Enterprise E-commerce platform comparison, you will find that Big Commerce is often pitted against Shopify Plus. Before you decide which one is better for you, you must understand the major arguments in Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus.


When conducting Enterprise E-commerce Comparison, you are bound to compare the themes and designed offered by the two. After all, the design of your Ecommerce store matters a lot.

Themes and designs offered by Big commerce vs. Shopify differ significantly from one another.

Shopify manages to deliver an array of themes, each of which is aesthetically pleasing and professional at the same time. You are likely to find the various themes to be novel and modern. This is because Shopify hires independent designers to create their themes. Additionally, there are various free themes available as well.

While Big. Commerce does deliver satisfactory designs as well, you will struggle to find free themes on the platform. For small businesses, this might be a major flaw.

Operating tools

A platform is more than just themes and designs. An E-commerce platform also provides you with all the required tools to launch your store. When it comes to Shopify, the platform delivers both basic and advanced tools to its users. If you use their app, you can also benefit from tools like customer wish lists and product reviews. However, these advanced tools are not free and hence require you to invest. The good news is that the payment process is hassle-free. Why Because rather than relying on payment options like PayPal, the platform has its payment gateway.

These advanced tools will help take your business to the next level, but you do have to make a financial commitment to using them since they are not included as part of the basic Shopify package.

Big Commerce succeeds in deliver much more comprehensive and extensive sets of tools. Some of its advanced tools are unique to the platform. Rather than charging you for each separate tool, you are provided with these tools as part of the monthly subscriptions.


So, who wins in Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce Enterprise? Regarding designs, Shopify wins while in terms of tools, Big Commerce appears to be better off. Which is perfect for you depends on your priorities.

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