eThe Battle of the Platforms: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

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More and more people are now shopping online. This has made the idea of opening an E-commerce store to be very attractive.

Before you begin thinking about the various aspects of your online store, you must look at various top enterprise E-commerce platforms and select a quality Enterprise E-commerce software. A simple Enterprise E-commerce Comparison will be enough to reduce your platform options to two. This includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus.

To decide which platform is perfect for you, you must conduct an independent enterprise E-commerce platform comparison of Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus.

While many focus on pricing, and functional features, the measures we think the matter is the following.


One of the significant things that should concern you is how much each of the platforms can help your eCommerce store grow. The scalability of Big Commerce vs. Shopify differs a lot. This is because Shopify is much older than Big Commerce.

According to various reports, stores which are on Big Commerce can expect annual growth of about 28%. On the other hand, Shopify plus can offer merchants a growth rate of 126%. This makes sense considering Shopify is much more established and well-known.


Even though E-commerce is the next big thing, you have to admit that there are just too many online stores out there. How do you ensure that customers choose you over your competition? Especially when competing stores are using the same platform? Here, standing out is the key. A store that lets you customize your store will allow you to give your store its own identity.

Big Commerce wins the battle here. Even though it is new, the platform is not afraid to take risks. The amount of control its user interface provides to users is crazy. Compared to it, Shopify’s various functional advantages fade away.


In today’s world, customers don’t wish to be limited to one channel for carrying out transactions. This is why it is important to look for multi-channel compatibility. This is widely offered by Shopify. Using Shopify, you can sell across various platforms. This feature is not offered by BigCommerce.


When it comes to growth and delivering what customers want, Shopify might be able to help you better. Weigh each benefit of the two platforms and decide which platforms win the Shopify Plus v Big Commerce Enterprise battle for you.

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