The Ecommerce Website Builder Comparison: Wix and Weebly

Ecommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce platforms have revolutionized the online business world. Now, anyone can set up their own website with great ease. As any businesses started to use these platforms to open up their online store, many ecommerce platforms entered in this business. And, as these new platforms emerged, the competition amongst them also skyrocketed. Today, we have numerous such ecommerce platforms that are providing exceptional services to their customers. Here, we will discuss two of these ecommerce platforms that are the most popular.


Wix is a cloud-based ecommerce website builder. It has become very popular because of its attractive and professional looking templates. The users are provided with such tools that make it very simple for them to build their own online store. Wix provides the feature of the editor, code and artificial intelligence, these features enable the user to customize their online store. By using Wix you can be as creative as you want, and you don’t even have to be knowable about coding for this. It also offers the drag-and-drop functionality to its users. There are many other features that Wix offer, including; hosting solution, SEO, mobile-friendly websites, and much more.


It is a platform that offers easy drag and drop option to build your ecommerce website. It is a flexible platform that can be operated and managed through any device. Weebly has integrated with many apps that will support your online business. It also makes marketing easier for you with its SEO option. Through this, you can attract organic traffic from the search engines. Weebly also has a collection of professionally designed templates. You can simply choose the template that goes the best with your business or brand. Using Weebly as your ecommerce website builder can cost you around $8 to $25 per month. The cost depends on the number of features that you want to avail. However, Weebly also offers a free version with a limited number of feature. The free version is best if you are starting up a small online store.

To sum up, both of the ecommerce website builders are extremely competitive. Both of them keep on updating their features and try to outperform the other. Weebly and Wix both are good quality website solution providers. Now, the decision that you make will depend on the features that weigh more for you. If you are into creativity and flexibility then you might choose Weebly. If not, then Wix will be more suitable.

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